Work in Progress

Below are a collection of white papers that were presented at the Feminist Research Seminar on Opposition to the Political Participation of Women and Gender Justice Advocates held in October of 2017. The papers are works in progress, but they provide useful insight into the directions that contemporary theorists are moving with their research.

“What differences in identity, national context, and other mediating factors influence understandings of these issues?” by Susan Ellison

“Visibility Politics: Theorizing Homosociality and the Femicidal State” by Mary Hawkesworth

“White Paper Prepared for the Feminist Research Seminar” by Jennifer Piscopo

“The Indian experience of quota legislation and what we can learn from it” by Shirin Rai

“Challenges to the Study of Violence against Women in Politics” by Juliana Restrepo Sanin

“We Are in the Midst of…” by Michelle Rowley

“Opposition to Women’s Participation in Politics and Civil Society” by Paromita Sen, Catalina Vallejo, and Denise Walsh

“Excerpts from ‘Toward a Theory of Backlash: Dynamic Resistance and the Central Role of Power'” by Jane Mansbridge and Shauna Shames

“Violence, Backlash and Resistance: Some Preliminary Thoughts” by Erica Townsend-Bell

“White Paper Notes” by Suzanna Walters