Far Right and (Anti-)Fascism Interdisciplinary Conference

PVI’s Far Right and (Anti-)Fascism Working Group presents First Annual Far Right and Antifascism Conference at the University of Virginia 236 New Cabell Hall Saturday, April 27, 2019 More info arrow-circle-right https://at.virginia.edu/2OD4mw2

On 27 April 2019, the Far Right and (Anti-)Fascism Working Group at the University of Virginia will host a one-day interdisciplinary conference dedicated to new and novel studies of fascism, anti-fascism, and the far right. Panel topics include transnational re-readings of interwar fascism; white supremacy around the globe; and theory and contemporary practices of antifascism. The conference will conclude with a keynote talk from Professor Claudrena Harold.

Attendance at the conference will be free to all. The conference will begin with introductory notes from working group directors. Speakers will have 20 minutes. Once panelists have finished speaking, Q&A will last 30 minutes. Lunch will be provided, and will include kosher for Passover options.

New Cabell Hall 236
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Jess Hasper: PhD student, UVA
Charles Hamilton, PhD student, UVA
Claire-Marie Brisson: PhD student, UVA
Ragen Johnson: Master's Student, Coastal Carolina University
Charles Gallagher: Associate Professor, Boston College
Augusta Dell’Omo: PhD student, University of Texas-Austin
Anna Duensing: PhD student, Yale
Grace Alvino: PhD student, UVA
Claudrena Harold: Professor, African American and African Studies and History, UVA