Preston Reynolds

Preston Reynolds – Eugenics at UVA and Its Impact on Race and Gender Inequity

Preston ReynoldsWednesday, September 27
3:30pm – 5:00pm
Minor Hall 125

Eugenics permeated the culture of the University of Virginia for over 100 years through the research, writings, and teaching of some of its most prominent leaders. Eugenics laid the intellectual foundation for discrimination with regard to race, gender, nationality, intellectual ability, and socio-economic status. The impact of the eugenics metaphor was felt in every aspect of life, and in every corner of the Commonwealth, in part, through the work of UVA faculty, and their collaboration with nationally renowned eugenicists. This lecture will explore the history of eugenics at UVA, reflect on the damage the eugenics paradigm had on diversity and health disparities, and outline areas of future research.

Preston Reynolds, MD, PhD, is nationally recognized as a scholar, physician, educator, and activist leader. She teaches and conducts research on professionalism, global health and human rights, health disparities, and the history of race discrimination in health care and health professions education in the US. Professor Reynolds currently serves as faculty in the Carter G. Woodson Institute, Associate Director of the Center for Health Disparities, and Associate Chair for Professionalism and Diversity in the Department of Medicine.

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