2018 PVI Fellows Mini-Conference

April 20, 2018
New Cabell Hall 236


Abigail L. Palko Director
Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center

Panel I: Limits of Justice; Limits of Law

Discussant: Nomi Dave, Department of Music

Brittany Crowley

Public Perceptions of Juvenile Defendants: Effects of Shackling and Race

Trina Kumodzi

The Human and Financial Costs of Fatal and Non-Fatal Firearm Injury in the United States: A Systematic Review

Macario Garcia

Mobility and Gendered Punishment in an American Southwest Prison

Panel II: Democracy and Difference

Kyle Chattelton

Sounding Out (My) Citizenship: A Manual for Performing Democracy in Charlottesville

Quinn Hirschi

How will the race-based violence that occurred in Charlottesville impact underrepresented minority students’ sense of belonging in a local high school?

Jennifer Simons

Strategic Tolerance from the Radical Right

Panel III: Sexual Violence

Discussant: Cori Field, Women, Gender & Sexuality

Paromita Sen

Straight from the Politicians Mouth: ‘Official’ Talk on Rape

Maya Hislop

Hearing (In)Justice: The Role of Voice in Gayl Jones’s Corregidora and State of North Carolina v. Joan Little

Lucy Guarnera

When Women Conceive in Rape: A Qualitative Investigation of Legal Choices, Experiences, and Outcomes

Panel IV: Responding to Violence

Indu Ohri

Some Cracks in the Structure, Left by the Last Bombing: Female War Trauma in Modernist Women’s Ghost Stories

Jeremy Sorgen

Violent Abstractions: Perception and Mediation in the Economy of Violence

Jieun Sung

Language Learning by Adult Refugees and Implications for Identity and Legitimacy