Women Moving Forward at Darden

Women Moving ForwardThere is no doubt that the 2016 US Presidential election was a polarizing experience for many and, regardless of which candidate you supported, we all are beginning to think about things a little differently in the post-election America.  In the wake of the election and in the spirit of the MLK Day, Darden GWIB along with the Power, Violence and Inequality Collective, with the support of the Office of Diversity Initiatives, is hosting a “Women Moving Forward” panel during the evening of Wednesday, January 18th.  The theme of this panel is to not only discuss gender dynamics in the election, but also identify ways we all can move forward after the divisive election and help make sense in our new reality, with a particular focus on what this means for women and other marginalized groups. Panelists include Cori Field, Denise Walsh, Abby Palko and Catherine Spear.